Quest system

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Quest system

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Hello people of NoLimit.

We have finally created you a "Mu Online Story Mode", or quest system in other words.
Idea is simple. You do quests and get rewards, meanwhile looking for some monsters, items and exploring the game.
Yes, some items are no longer available in WebShop. Don't you dare to tell me that I ruin the fun.

To start a quest, write /quest
To finish the quest or move on next part of level write /quest

Prizes are different and Quest list will be updated. System is 100% automatic.
Prizes can be as currency(Gold, Cash), items(SOL, Gemstone, Harmony, GM Gift boxes), buffs (currently just on 2 levels, needs more testing). With adding new stages of quests we will also add more and more tempting prizes with main prize - you guess it right - Donate Items.

Currently the Quest system has 90 quests. Game will tell you what you need in the left upper corner of the screen(where EXP is displayed).
Quests will take time to complete. Don't expect to finish them all in 5 minutes.

These level quests have item rewards, make sure you have free space in inventory:
  • Level 5,
  • Level 9,
  • Level 14,
  • Level 20,
  • Level 30,
  • Level 35,
  • Level 40,
  • Level 45,
  • Level 50(Donate Item),
  • Level 55,
  • Level 65,
  • Level 70,
  • Level 75(Donate Item),
  • Level 80,
  • Level 85(2x Seed(Wind) Maximum Life),
  • Level 90.

If you "forgot" to free space in your inventory before finishing Item-reward-quest-level - we will not compensate it in any way. We said, you heard.

Once you start doing a quest where certain mob kill count is required (for example, 200 Spider) you will lose your progress if you Switch Character or Log out.
I hope you will enjoy this new quests and it will create you something more to do online. :) Updates of Quest system will be posted here.

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