Rule 1.12

Here you can find explanations for most commonly violated rules. Prevention is better then punishment.
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Rule 1.12

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Hello people of NoLimit.
Today I want to point your attention to Rule 1.12

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1.12 It's not allowed to mass kill players in spots of any map. 
However, this is a PvP server and fighting for spot / best spot is allowed. 
Game Master will determent what is mass killing by information he has got from reports.
Punishment: 3 / 7 / 30 days to premanent character or account block. 
All user accounts(and related) might be blocked, if user doesn't improve his attitude after multiple punishments.
So, the problem is, VERY often I get PMs from those who are banned about how unfair life is and Rules are for idiots etc. But where is main problem in the first place?

Problem in MANY cases is that players come with their MAIN char, kills someones party or whatever, empty the spot, then they log in their ALT character and start farming. Obviously, we get a report about someone mass PK and not taking the spot. What happens next. GM see that this person who emptied the spot is not there, most of the cases he is already offline. And yes - it is mass PK. Person get banned. Let me explain, GMs should not track each one of 400 online players - who is whos alt account, who is whos main and so on. I can't put a GM next to each player, GM can't and won't track every ALT of every player.

Keep in mind that GMs don't have access to Server Logs.
And in this specific case even Server Logs will not help you. Server LOGS looks like this:
1. Character Log In
2. Character kill someone (*x how many kills..2..3...5)
3. Character Log Out.

By the principle - purse mass PK. Log in, kill, log out.

My advice to you is DON'T KILL FOR SPOT WITH YOUR MAIN CHAR IF YOU WANT TO LEVEL UP WITH YOUR ALT(and viceversa). You will get banned. And I will not investigate each one of mass pk reports for server logs, ip logs, who is who in which account and what IP was used to log in 35 weeks ago when this or that was killed. If you fight for spot - fight with the character who will be in the spot.


Q: How long do I have to stay in spot?
A: From today we set minimum time of 60 minutes after clearing the spot.

Q: I need spot only for 59 minutes, can I kill for this spot?
A: If you have a screen shot of every single spot in the server in every map "taken" and all spots are full - yes. For those who didn't understand - answer is NO. There are A LOT of spots in maps, find another one.

Q: I did clear the spot but I went to kill Big Boss, screenshot was taken of empty spot and I was banned for mass PK. Can I ask for unban?
A: No. You left the spot.

Q: I made a report but it was ignored. Why?
A: We can ignore reports if screenshot without visible time/not full screenshot. You can avoid it by using ingame screenshot feature (Press button PrntScr) or if you use windows screenshot feature - always make sure that System time is visible. Without visible time we can not guess is screenshot taken 1 minute or 24 hours after the kill. Keep in mind that while posting a report you should always provide us with info: name of killer, your time zone.

Q: Can I help my guild mates to kill a party and leave spot?
A: No. 60 minutes. If you are comming to help your Guild/Alianse member - you will have to stay in the spot.

Q: Can I take revenge on someone who killed me while I was AFK in the spot?
A: You can only take his spot. 60 minutes.

Note: If we notice a pattern of any kind - someone is hunting someone in spots, always killing the same person no matter of the spot or similar - you will get banned for bullying. This is under Rule 1.6.

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