King of MU(Rei do MU) Event

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King of MU(Rei do MU) Event

Post by NoLimitBM »

Hello people of NoLimit!

Today I want to tell you about new event in our server! It's called King of Mu (Rei do MU).

Event prize is 4 Cash + 10000 Gold to Winner guild members who are online and 2 Cash + 7500 Gold for 2 most active characters of event.

Event is happening in Devias 3 map.

To participate in event you need to have a Guild. Guild has to have minimum 2 players in it.
Once event has started participats go to Devias 3 and Guild Master has to "take the throne" by sitting in a Kings chair in Devias 3 castle (225 237 coordinates). Once the throne is taken you need to secure it with command "/rei" - command without " " obviously.

For other Guild Master to take the Throne you need to kill the one who is on it at that moment and again - secure it with command /rei (on 225 237 coordinates)

Winner is the Guild who had the most time as /rei secured.
Users without Guild can't participate in this event.
Throne can be taken ONLY by Guild Master
Minimal users in Guild: 2

Event times are scheluded for 01:55 and 13:55(01:55 PM) server-time.
Event is fully automatic and doesn't require GM assistance.

Event duration: 2 minutes. (will be changed by your suggestions, first need to rate popularity)
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