[Weekly Events for POINTS] Mechanics & spelling rules

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[Weekly Events for POINTS] Mechanics & spelling rules

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Hello I am your Event Master - Gabyas.
Starting 6 September 2021, I host 10 daily events for Points.

Event list:
Question&Answer (Geography, Chemistry, Biology, World History, Mythology, Sports, Movies, etc.)
Hide and seek
Bring me
Other events by suggestions

The Prize is 1 Point per round.


Each event will have 3 Rounds and only 3 winners
One account can win only one of event rounds.(at the beginning of the week player choose the char he will answer me during the whole week )
If by any chance you answer me and win the round with another char from same account you use for playing my event , please let me know immediately after to avoid misunderstandings and add your point in the right char

For example, if you win Hide and Seek event, then one round No.2 you can't win any more, however you can keep looking for GM in round No.2 if it keeps you entertained. You can win again in next chunk of events.

The winner UserName where the points will be added will be tracked by Gabyas together with his IP to avoid multiple accounts with the same IP( If this happened player will be disqualified )

To get more points in my weekly event for points you need to be active and win as many points you can giving me first the answer to my question & you can win only once in 1 event so you have the chance to win 10 points in a day Event starts every monday and ends after 7 days on sunday Good LUCK !

During the event, please, stop spam in POST chat and follow my instructions.

What will happen at the end of the week?
TOP3 players by points will get free Donate items.

TOP1 - Full HP item of choice.
TOP2 - Full EDRI Weapon of choice.
TOP3 - Full Fire item of choice.

Rewards will be added to winning accounts until Tuesday of following week.
Event Master - Gabyas - will keep the track of points.

Weekly points event is from Monday 12:00 AM Server Time to Sunday 11:59 PM Server time.


Spelling rules for your answers:

1) All answers will be in English and start with capital letter (uppercase letter) and the remaining letters in lower case( ex. Football ,Soccer and not footbal or FOOTBALL) all answers in lower or capital letters will not be counted

2) Acronyms will be written with capital letters( ex. YMCA and not ymca or Ymca )

3) Chemical formulas will be written with capital and lower case (ex. NaCl and not nacl or NACL )

4) Roman numerals answers are always written with capital letters (I,X,V,C,L,M etc)

5) All kind of names will be written with capital letter at start and remaining letters lower case (ex. Maria Magdalena and not maria magdalena or MARIA MAGDALENA)(New York and not new york or NEW YORK)
Example: Q: In 2018, Joan Baez released her first album in 10 years, what is it called?
A: Whistle Down The Wind

6) Misspelling , missing letters , or incomplete answer will not be counted
( ex. Q:what is the biggest ocean in the world? A: The Pacific Ocean
Q: Romania has opening to which Sea? A:Black Sea ( Black =incorrect)

Q: How old was Hitler when he died A:56 years old( 56 =incorrect)
Q: Humans and chimpanzees share roughly how much DNA? A:98.8 % or 98.8 percent (98.8 =incorrect )

7) If I ask for a Year of a specific event and you answer with the full date of the event answer will not be counted , You can answer with the date when I ask for the date of the event.

Q: Which year was opening of NoLimit Remastered?
A: 3 April 2021 (INCORRECT) A: 2021 (CORRECT)

8) Regarding the article "the", "a" or "an" in front of a word I consider correct all answers with or without it , after all we are not language experts and I am more interested to be spelled correctly the core of the answer ( The Philippines, or Philippines are both correct ) (The Bee Gees , or Bee Gees are both correct)(A mycologist or mycologist both are correct)(An elephant or Elephant are both correct) (as I said before answers must start with capital letter)

9) Be careful at the questions that asks for a singular or a plural form of the answer
example of singular Q&A : Q: How is called a biologist specialized in the study of mushrooms?
A: A mycologist or Mycologist (both are correct)
example of plural Q&A Q:How are called the biologists specialized in the study of mushrooms?
A: Mycologists

This rules are introduced to reduce the copy/paste answers from Google

You can comment below if some rules are not clear enough , Good luck everybody and have fun :)
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