Rule 1.2

Here you can find explanations for most commonly violated rules. Prevention is better then punishment.
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Rule 1.2

Post by NoLimitBM »

Hello people.

Today I want to pay your attention to Rule 1.2

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1.2. It is not allowed to use 3rd party software (except PingZapper) to alter the gameplay. 
Each player is required to report serious errors immediately to the NoLimit Administration. 
A player is not allowed to knowingly take advantage of bugs. If you notice that a player is abusing a bug in the game you must report him. 
If you notice a spelling error or typo, you are not obligated to report it, however you are encouraged to do so for the improvement of the game. 
Any kind of macro / automated keyboard / mouse binds for combo / etc is CHEATS. 
Gaining any kind of advantage in any way (Special mouses/keyboards with re-arranged buttons, connecting 2 keyboards and other) is punishable. 
Punishment: Permanent restriction to server and account.
First of all, we need to talk about "unfair advantages". What does that mean?

Actually some time ago someone sent us a video. Not your usual video, this person had connected additional keyboard, which he placed under the desk. And he was using his toes(feet fingers) to drink potions (Q and E or whatever he was pressing) meanwhile using his main keyboard to combo.

Another situation was in PVP Event. One player asked to stop the fight, because his weight from CTRL button dropped.

All of this is illegal, unfair advantages. Obviously someone will argue that rock on CTRL is not unfair or paper clipper in side of CTRL is not unfair, because anyone can do that. Well. Yes, anyone can do that, but if we break it down to who can do what then anyone can download few viruses, join few botnets and use Macro. In our server we use our FINGERS on 2(two) hands to play the game. We hold mouse with one hand, because we hold right click when attacking. Other hand we use for qwe123qwe123 or whatever your super-pattern is. We have Devias4 where you can train your skills in Combo. Yes, they don't attack, but you can TRAIN your PATTERN and then use it in fights.

Baseline is, we don't use 3rd party software, rocks, paperclips, robots, AI, trading bots or anything else to do PVP.

Another question often occours - how do you know when someone is using Macro. How to prove it? There are multiple, simple ways to do that.

Option nr.1 is check this persons chat logs. I just filter out this specific person and look for pattern in chat. It happens VERY OFTEN. They just start chatting or typing /pkclear or G with Macro on. There has been some cases in the past when person write me in PM telling and swaring to his/her closest lives that he/she was not cheating. When I show entry from LOGS this person doesn't understand that you can not write 12/3pqw1k23c or similar patterns by accident. Someone even tried to convince me that he was "stressed and didn't notice that his 2nd hand is doing Combo + Potions and he used his 1st hand to write /pkclear". We were not born yesterday. Also, macro users REALLY HATE culture of G before fight. They have to stop/start macro.

Option nr.2 is to request a gameplay/hands video. Some of our best PVPers have been asked to do it, some of them even multiple times. So, person send a video, what happens next? We see in this video this persons PVP performance. We see hands and we see screen. First of all we see if pattern matches with what we see on the screen (macro might be on in time of video and person might just pretent to break his/her keyboard). 2nd we pay attention to performance BEFORE/DURING/AFTER the video. Lets say that before hands/screen video was requested person was killing everyone in Ring without dieing, HP almost doesn't drop. Fishy. We request a video, and person starts dieing. Obvious. Ofcourse, we all are humans. Me, personally, usually give 24 hours to make the video to lower the level of stress and urgency. That, however, depend on GM. Someone might ask to make video right away, which in a way is right thing to do. But there are no guidelines for GM about how long should this video making take. Requested videos should never be 5-15 seconds long containing just 1 fight. Requested video is prefered to be 2-5 minutes long (depending on intencity of PVP).

Let me explain. Simple qweqwe often is used to TEST PING. People write ANYTHING in chat, press enter and sees how long time passes until message appear on the screen (server response time, ping). Yes, with ping OVER 200 ms it can leave bad effect on PVP performance. Someone will write "qwe", someone will write "qwe123", someone will write "asd". Option nr.1 is 100% correct only in cases when there is a "hidden message". Some people might want to troll administration with false macro messages. Well, we have a Rule for that and it will end badly.

Another thing that makes me wonder is - donating people are getting banned for Macro/Speedhack. This really amazes me - I mean why do you donate if you plan on losing it all because of Terms of Service violation? It's stated loud and clear in TOS - Donating will not make you immune. You violate the rules - you get punished.

Considering recent problems with Philippines connections - we have allowed to use not only pingzapper but also other GPN for playing in NoLimit MuOnline.

Keep in mind, Administration DOES NOT NEED ANY PROOF TO BLOCK YOUR ACCOUNT FOR RULES VIOLATIONS. We will not waste our time and argue with people who use speedhack or other cheats to alter the gameplay. We request for a hands/screen video not because we want to ban someone, but because we don't want to ban a person who is playing fair and is just better then most.

This topic might be updated in case if new, unclear sittuations will occour.
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Re: Rule 1.2

Post by YoannA »

Update September 12,2023

Terms of Service Update
• Auto Combo & Auto Potion (Macro Usage)

Using third party programs, gaming mouses or automated keyboards with macro capabilities that executes skills combinations and potions is strictly prohibited.
Any kind of simulating AP/AC including trolling, will be punished according to the macro ban procedures.

Ban procedures will be as follow:
1st time: 14 days ban by character
2nd time: 30 days ban by account
3rd time: Permanent account ban + HWID block

• Ban procedures regarding this rule will be effective from today September 12, 2023, which means old bans DO NOT fall under this rule and won't be lifted.

Thank you.