Tutorial - How to combo -all classes

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Tutorial - How to combo -all classes

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Hello players!
In this topic I will give you all the information you need to start smashing everyone with combos! :)

First of all, how it work?
Combo has 2 phases:
1. Unlock skill - skill that has to be fired first
2. Combo skills - skills which are used AFTER Unlock skill.

To fire combo you need to use each skill just one time, but if you think about it, you can use first and last skill 1-999 times, important part is that you use middle skill just one time. Here is text-visual example:
1, 2, 3 - different skills.
You hit: 11111111 2 333333, so the pattern of each skill fired once is made in the middle of all these hits. Of course you don't need to press 1111 2 3333, just make sure you switch from skill 2 to skill 3 fast enough to use skill #2 just 1 time.

Here are skills info:

Unlock skills:
Energy Ball
Falling slash(DK Sword skill)
Mana Glaive
Drain Life
Triple shot
MG weapon skills
Power Wave

2nd and 3rd skill by choice:

Aqua Beam
Twisting Slash
Rageful blow
Death Stab
Chain Lightning
Lightning shock
Ice arrow
Penetration(on low agility)
Five shot(Multishot)
Ice storm
Gigantic Storm.

Where to train?
In Devias 4 we have spot of Ice Queens - they have few million HP, you can train your finger speed there. Of course it's nothing like real battle, but at least something to train on.

EDIT: Dark Lord in our server doesn't have Combo skill because his attack(and damage from attack) is much higher without switching skills.
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Re: Tutorial - How to combo -all classes

Post by khangmoy15 »


phase1-2 done

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