Rule 1.10.1

Here you can find explanations for most commonly violated rules. Prevention is better then punishment.
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Rule 1.10.1

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Hello people of NoLimit MuOnline.
Today lets talk about Terms of Service section 1.10.1 a.k.a. Rule 1.10.1.

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1.10.1 It's not allowed to move Donate Items/Sets from originally donated character to other character under no circumstances, 
not even if new character is in the same account. 
Donate Items and Sets are registered on one character, which is then added to Donate Registry. 
The only way to "move" Donate Items to other Character and/or Account is via Auction Event in Devias Church, which is happening every 2 weeks. 
Website Auction is not ment to be used to sell/buy/trade Donate Items.
Punishment: Item removal / character or account block
First of all, why?

Lots of people was abusing previous Rule 1.10 by simply moving the items inbetween their own characters and then selling this characters many times, at the end it was almost impossible to understand where RMT has happened, where person simply switches million accounts and where switch was done once because of 500GR character purchase. This Rule was made to prevent people doing RMT.


Yes. We will have 1 (ONE) exception. This exception is:
You are allowed to switch your Donate items to NEW CHARACTER in SAME ACCOUNT only if you donated for character which was not 500 or more Grand Resets(due to maximal HP Bonus) and you have purchased character which is 500 or more GR. This switch can be done 1 (ONE) time. Before this switch is done, you HAVE TO ask for premission to Owner of the project NoLimitBM (Contact details are available in Donate items page, as well as in Home Page). You can not switch items before you have received premission to do so. And again, ONLY ONE TIME!
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