Free VIP (Resets and Grand Resets)

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Free VIP (Resets and Grand Resets)

Post by NoLimitBM »

Hello players! Get your free VIP here!

To participate in this event you need to post a screenshots with Character resets and Master Resets from character stats view(in any map safe zone mouse above character).
In screenshots you need to have:
  • Reset GR
  • 335 3
  • 665 6
  • 995 9
  • 1222 12
  • 2333 23
  • 3444 34
  • 4555 45
  • 5666 56
  • 6789 67

Any Fraud attempt like editing screenshots with photoshop or any other programs will lead to PERMANENT BAN of accounts in game !!!

Kill/Death count doesn't matter!
For each screenshot posted with 335 Reset and 3 Grand reset / 995 Reset and 9 Grand Reset / etc, you will get 2 days of Platinum VIP for free!
To take screenshots use PRINT SCREEN button , (go to open files location >>>Screenshots) find your screenshot & Upload the screenshot with , I WILL NOT ACCEPT OTHER SCREENSHOTS , PICTURES TAKEN WITH OTHER DEVICES ,OR OTHER PROGRAMS like Lightshot ...etc (the date and time is easy to be falsified)
Apply for the FREE VIP as soon as you took the Screenshot

Sometimes the screenshot might be corrupted (blurred, black screen...etc) in this case close other clients and make sure you take a clear screenshot

What can VIP Platinum do?
Here is the list:
Platinum(Website) - Gold(Game)
  • Reset level: 200(Website and in game)
  • Grand Reset reward: 9000 Gold(In game and in website)
  • Grand Reset 2nd reward: 2 Cash(In game and in website)
  • Reset reward: 15 Gold(In game and in website)
  • Vote reward increase by 90%
  • Usual exp in Server-2(2500x) changed to 9999x
  • Master exp in Server-1 increased by 100%
  • Master exp in Server-2(Non_PvP) increased by 500%
  • Bonus HP = +800 HP per 1 Grand Reset (Maximal 100 000 Bonus HP)
  • Reset cost in Server-2 (Offattack) decreased from 20kk to 10kk
VIP status is added on account - for this purpose you can create new character, if you character has exceeded limits that you can reach.
1. You can participate in event with only 1 account. If a single one of our systems(no matter of detection method) will detect multi-apply, VIP will be refused.
2. You are allowed to use /offattack for this event.
3. If you upload screenshot with not 335, but 336 resets - it doesn't count as a Win.
4. If reset = 335, then Master Reset = 3, if reset = 4555, then Master reset = 45, etc, etc.
5. The ULTIMATE PRIZE: 10 VIP Platinum Days - will be added to those players who complete last phase 6789 RR & 67 GR
6. When posting screenshot Character Stats should be open (Press C)
7. You should start posting your screenshots from Phase 1(335/3) and post screenshot for EACH phase, skipping phases is not allowed.
8. If VIP is refused due to multi-apply, we will not share source of information or detection methods.
9. If you apply for Free VIP after you have been already refused due to multi-apply, your accounts will be suspended as it is mentioned in Terms of Service section 1.13
10. Account sharing within users of Event will cause accounts to get banned for Free VIP Abuse. We will not listen to reasons, excuses and coincidences why it happened.
11. Usage of VPN for account which is playing in Free VIP Event is at your own risk. Lots of users use same VPN services and your IP might overlay with other users IP who is playing in Free VIP Event. That will cause ban of accounts. We DO NOT RECOMMEND USAGE OF VPN IN THIS EVENT PARTICIPATING ACCOUNT!!!!

Reply: When posting reply for this event please use this template:

1. Character name
2. Screenshot link (if uploaded on other resource) / Add attachment to post here.
In case if winner already has a VIP on his account - new VIP will be added in continuation of the existing VIP

Q: Can I post screenshot with 444 Resets and 4 Grand resets?
A: No. You can post screenshots with ONLY given values. Any other nice looking numbers are not valid for this event.

Q: Can I post screenshots starting from 11 Grand Resets and 1111 Resets?
A: No. You should start this quest from first phase and post screenshot of every phase.

Q: I've posted screenshot with 3 GR and 335 Reset, but I missed the next phase. Can I skip it?
A: No, you are allowed ONLY IN THIS CASE to participate with other character for ONLY MISSING phase. Example: Main char: 3/335, 6/665, Second char: 9/995, Main char: 12/1222. You have to inform Administrator in private about posting different character because of missed phase, otherwise VIP will be rejected.

Q: I've participated in this event in Old Forum. Can I join again?
A: Yes, you can join again with same or different account.

Q: Why was required reset and grand reset count changed from previous version of event?
A: Because there is no way of us controlling who has posted same screenshots in Old Forum and now is just fooling us to get free vip.

Q: My accounts got banned for Rule 1.13, can I appeal?
A: No. Rules are clear and Rules are same for everyone. We heard many excuses of sisters/brothers/grand fathers and cats playing game from other accounts, we don't believe any of that.

Q: Will I have notice in case if I multi-apply?
A: First of all, you know when you multi-apply. But since 12 July 2022, there will be ONE notice of rejection reason.

Q: My accounts was banned for 1.13 before 12 July, can I get them back, because Rules has been changed?
A: No. As mentioned, you know when you multi-apply.

For any other question you can pm !Gabyas#3954 on Discord ! Things like I thought or I didn`t know won`t be acceptable argument !
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Re: Free VIP (Resets and Grand Resets)

Post by SMlDavao »

Thanks for the info... Will be more motivated 😊
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Re: Free VIP (Resets and Grand Resets)

Post by arvin022 »

IGN : Livender

GR 3 RR 335

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Re: Free VIP (Resets and Grand Resets)

Post by piton01 »

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Re: Free VIP (Resets and Grand Resets)

Post by Lien0000 »

IGN: Lien0000
RReset: 335
GR: 3

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Re: Free VIP (Resets and Grand Resets)

Post by ares35 »

İGN: LordAres
RReset: 335
GR: 3
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Re: Free VIP (Resets and Grand Resets)

Post by hiei021 »

IGN : Khonshu
Reset : 335 GR : 3
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Re: Free VIP (Resets and Grand Resets)

Post by JACKALS »

IGN: December

Achievement: 335 RR / 3MR


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Re: Free VIP (Resets and Grand Resets)

Post by newborn23 »

IGN: BattleWiz
RR: 335
GR : 3

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Re: Free VIP (Resets and Grand Resets)

Post by Jacky »

Hi mates,

I'd like to apply my IGN: MeOiConDoi

3 / 335

SS for your info:

Thank you

Best regards,

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