Become GameMaster in NOLIMIT MU!

Here is posted information about last updates and other important news about our server.
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Become GameMaster in NOLIMIT MU!

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Hello people of NoLimit!

For some time there is announcement in game, that we are looking for Spanish GameMaster.
Since old forum was wiped and we finished the move to new forum, the GM APP section is gone. Reason of that is because we accept applications only on e-mail. But where is the template????? :D

Currently our team has 2 active GameMasters, 1 Event Master and 2 Administrators. We would like to add to our team 2 more Spanish-English GameMasters, 1 more Filipino-English GameMaster. Total we have 3 possitions free.
Application must have this info:
1. Your full name,
2. Date of birth (incl. year),
3. Country in which you currently live in,
4. Previous GM expierience (yes/no, if yes, then server names and possition, duration),
5. Information about where you found out about NoLimit Mu and approximate date when you started playing,
6. Language knowlage (For example: Latvian - 10/10, Russian - 8/10, English - 9/10)

1. Over legal age,
2. PayPal account,
3. Previous experience is not a requirement, however it is advantage.

Keep in mind, that if you send an application which has only this 6 things in it and no more additional information, that will drasticly lower your chances of becoming part of our team. We need people who can put more then 5 words together in one sentence. Your possition will be possition of power. With power comes great responsibility. Our team will teach you all the server-specific things there is to know, but it doesn't mean that we will explain to you how to craft 2nd wings or Chaos Weapon. You have to have excellent basic MuOnline Season 4 knowlage.

Send your application to e-mail: [email protected]
Subject must be: GM APPLICATION: CharName
We will not accept any attachements to e-mail. In case if you want to be more-then-others, make it long, but make it in e-mail text. Adding any attachements to e-mail will result in block of your e-mail address. Same goes to adding links to not well knows websites(in case you want to add pictures or references).

GameMasters possition in NoLimit Mu is NOT an employment.

Special conditions:
Spanish-English - must have access to local Payment systems.
Filipino-English - must have access to local Payment systems.
We will not accept GameMasters without PayPal account.
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