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Reverse.NoLimit Season6 bug list by players.
Hello all!
Here we are collecting bug list of our Season6 test project: Reverse MuOnline found by address: http://reverse.nolimit.lv or http://reverse-mu.id.lv

Post your found bugs here, so I can fix them 1 by 1 on my free time. 

I wish to remind you, that this is first time we are working on season6 files, and we DON'T have source of files, witch means we can't perform major fixes, only small ones done by configs. Also you should know, that MuOnline servers is my hobby, not full-time job. This means, I will work on server fixes only when I will have time for it. 

Exclamation Exclamation About Reverse MuOnline donations: You can donate and buy items if you wish, but server will have restart once big bugs are fixed and gameplay adjusted. After restart you will get back Gold Credits you donated for, but items might not be available(there will be changes in web-shop configs).
[Image: original.jpg]
Need make more damage for all chars. 2x or 2.5x. Because not possible kill anyone if charters have a normal set.

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