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[GM APPLICATION] (one again)

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1. Introduce yourself to players reading this application. (Link to your Say "Hello" post)
2. What is your IGN (In Game Nickname)?
In game name is ToughBoi
3. Wich character of your's will be GM character?
I would like it to be "Radiance"
4. For how long are you a member of NoLimit.lv?
I am a member since 23 of november of 2017
5. What brought you to MU-NoLimit?
based on multiple server research from my perspective NoLimit offers great potential so I tried it out, ( not disappointed )
6. What is your base MU knowledge? Rate from 1-10 please.
Since I was 13 year old I started playing MU, so 11 years of Knowledge I would say 9.
7. Do you have GM experience? If yes , then how many comands do you know?
In MU, No I havent but I am knowledgeable to the MU commands, Though I have been a gm in RF Online for 3 years, and Ran online in 6 months, if that helps. both was honorable dismissal due to server shut down. 
8. What is your language skills?
I Studied Language arts and Philosophy, and I am currently on track on becoming a lawyer, my Language/ communication skill level is great.
English- perfect.
9. What is your aim/goal to complete, if you recieve the GM status?
To provide fair and a safe gaming environment for both new and old players, as well as apply my professionalism and experience that I gathered and learned, to provide a fair event in which both donators and non donators has equal chance of winning. and I want to bring a protocol to the server that I learned from my previous GM experience, and lastly I do not see any Game Masters online in my timezone(GMT+ 8:00) I would like to get this opportunity to provide a lot of different kind of events to make the game more fun and enjoyable for those people who play in my time zone not only for the Filipino players as well as all of the Asian players, also a lot of hackers/speeders/hit hackers are active during gmt+8
10. What is your average online hours per day ratio? (How much hours on average you spend in NoLimit.lv). 
1-2 hours on maim,on my lowbies 3-4 hours, in totality 6hours minimum 8 hours max 
I am regulation my online times to balance both gaming, social and study life.
despite my low online hours count, I am not afking in them and its a peak hours in my time zone which is good in my opinion.
Despite being new to this server, and I know I am not likable in game but if ever you would say I am a Go I WILL NO DISAPPOINT. I WILL NO BREAK RULES and MOST OF ALL I WILL NOT AND WILL NEVER GIVE FAVOR TO PEOPLE. and please if you ever say no please give me a reason  :D thank you all 
Skype : naits1rk

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REC good guy in game helps other players :D

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ςαи'т ℓєт му вяσѕ ∂σωи

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4 ANTI, 1 REC.


To this moment- TL.

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