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GM...master skill tree exp concern

exp odd totals every day??

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recently within the last 7 or 8 days I have started to receive Master EXP that appears to be for additional attributes in the master skill tree.


I have watched daily while I level and reset multiple times on 2 main characters, a Blade master and my MG...both 3rd level characters.


However Yesterday It seemed as though the accrued total of exp on my Blade master didn't add up..in fact after most guys mentioning that it took them 5 days to be able select the first box in that skill tree screen (button A) I wondered what was going on after 8 days. So I wrote down the total of that master exp as I logged out the early morning


morning = 25558068/35507050      when I logged in later that night 12 hours later I was surprised to see that number was 12888543/35507050


How can this exp go down??  I am experiencing this on both my characters. My Blade Knight   current at 63 resets, 50, 1 GR and now 13 additional and also on my MG who is currently at 49 resets and will experience his first GR shortly after i finish this post.


I still have not received enough points to select /click one button in that master skill tree and it appears with my EXP total going backwards that it will continue to be difficult.   Could you please look into this??

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I am adding another example of this inconsistency with the master exp...it confounds me as to how it works if at all?


I leveled my blade master to 400...I was receiving master exp for quite a few levels prior to getting to 400. i then went to the stadium at lvl 400 and continued to receive master exp. After approximately 15 minutes of this I looked at my master exp page it reported that I had 267072923 / 35507050  no mistake. I copied that amount carefully right off the screen onto paper. I then switched characters...waited 1 minute  and switched right back in again onto my blade master. I changed nothing...I did not move my location, remove any gear, I DID NOT RESET, nothing was different except my master exp total has somehow magically transformed and now reads   19632315 / 35507050   How is this possible that it changes.


I ask you to investigate this and try to fix this issue as it makes improving and increasing this character a waste of time otherwise.

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There are specific spots in arena for master lvls.


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