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#6218 Freebies for newbies!

Posted by NoLimitBM on 09/07/2018 - 14:44:30

Freebies for newbies!


Once you register, open WebShop once, and then make a post HERE with your CHARACTER Name. We will add you 5000 Gold Credits and 20000 Credits for use in WebShop / Market for easy start! :)

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#2216 Pumpkin carving event / Ķirbju grebšanas konkurss / Конкурс на вырез тыквы

Posted by Lindy on 30/10/2017 - 22:13:54


Mūsu ķirbis iepozē!



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#6262 Get 2000 Gold Credits free!

Posted by NoLimitBM on 13/07/2018 - 07:06:13


This event is ONLY for FORUM users. 


You can get 2000 free Gold Credits, all you have to do, is SHARE us on Facebook and post a screen shot here!

Together with screen shot, please add your NICKNAME (so I know where to add Gold Credits). Once event will be over, topic will be locked, so as far as it's open, you can get those Credits! :) 


Also don't forget about friend system, that is an opportunity to get free 10000 Credits! 

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#2084 Pumpkin carving event / Ķirbju grebšanas konkurss / Конкурс на вырез тыквы

Posted by sidnas1994 on 20/10/2017 - 20:13:52


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Posted by NoLimitBM on 25/08/2018 - 08:00:18

We have changed event prizes:


  • Blood Castle:

Possible drop:

  1. Panda (50%)
  2. Jewel of Bless (10%)
  3. Jewel of Soul (10%)
  4. Penta Sphere (20%)
  5. Jewel of Harmony (10%)

Drop 1 item: 40%

Drop 6 items: 60%


  • Chaos Castle
  1. Jewel of Life (40%)
  2. Jewel of Harmony (30%)
  3. Penta Sphere (30%)

Drop 1 item: 60%

Drop 5 items: 40%


  • Illusion Temple
  1. Bundled Jewel of Soul (20%)
  2. Jewel of Harmony (20%)
  3. Penta Sphere (20%)
  4. Warrior Skeleton ring (20%)
  5. Santa Girl ring (20%)

Drop 1 item: 50%

Drop 4 items: 50%



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#4371 Lost and Found Dragon XD

Posted by matsay12514 on 21/04/2018 - 03:34:41

Attached File  Screen(04_21-09_28)-0000.jpg   539.24KB   2 downloads


What's this dragon doing inside Noria? XD

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#4201 Easter event/Lieldienu konkurss!

Posted by kamka on 03/04/2018 - 21:45:35


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#3895 Look nolimitbm

Posted by Mitzielim on 12/03/2018 - 14:09:38


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#7911 Freebies 2

Posted by NoLimitBM on 23/09/2018 - 09:04:20

And they're back!

Now all new players can get 5000 free Gold Credits @ our forum! How?


All you have to do is register your account, Open WEB-SHOP one time and vote for our server in "Free Credits" section. After you have done all this, you have to go to our FORUM, register there and post in topic "Freebies 2". Example of post is in topic. You can get Freebies only one time, and only if you are registered after 22.09.2018! Only Newbies!





Example of post:


Nickname (IGN): Kauslis

Registered: 23.09.2018

Voted last time: 23.09.2018

Server found in: Google

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#4543 Latvia vs Germany ^_^

Posted by Skydom on 12/05/2018 - 23:43:39

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#4172 Easter event/Lieldienu konkurss!

Posted by Skydom on 01/04/2018 - 17:13:43


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#2583 Guild community application example!

Posted by GluKs on 28/11/2017 - 00:12:11

If you see some grammar misspelling report - GluKs





lv.png   Latviešu valodā






b2f01d4fd94cb1420fcdbbef62c06ade1026fbbd   English language






ru_small.png   На русском языке











Administrācijai ir visas tiesības (atskaitot Game Masters) - saraksts ir šeit:

  • pārskatīt jūsu komūnu
  • mainīt vai izmainīt noteikumus (ziņojot)






The administration has all the rights (except Game Masters) - the list is here:

  • review your commune
  • change or modify the terms (by reporting)






Администрация имеет все права (кроме Game Masters) - список находится здесь:

  • просмотреть свою общину
  • изменять или поменять условия (сообщая об этом)

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Posted by GluKs on 10/08/2017 - 09:14:33

1. Introduce yourself to players reading this application. (Link to your Say "Hello" post)
2. What is your IGN (In Game Nickname)?
3. Wich character of your's will be GM character?
4. For how long are you a member of NoLimit.lv?
5. What brought you to MU-NoLimit?
6. What is your base MU knowledge? Rate from 1-10 please.
7. Do you have GM experience? If yes , then how many comands do you know?
8. What is your language skills?
9. What is your aim/goal to complete, if you recieve the GM status?
10. What is your average online hours per day ratio? (How much hours on average you spend in NoLimit.lv)
11. How old are you? 
Please be aware, that GameMasters also have Rules and GameMasters have duties, and if you will brake the Rules as a GameMaster, your position will be dissolved, and your account will be banned. 
As a Game Master you will need to have an Skype account, because all communication with team happens in SKYPE.
1. Iepazīstini sevi ar spēlētājiem, kas lasīs šo aplikāciju. (Ar adresi uz "Sveiciens" sadaļu)
2. Kāds ir Tavs spēles personāža vārds?
3. Kurš no taviem personāžiem būs GM personāžš?
4. Cik ilgu laiku Tu jau esi NoLimit.lv spēlētājs?
5. Kas tevi piesaistīja mūsu serverim?
6. Kādas ir Tavas vispārējās Mu Online zināšanas? Novērtē savu gatavību un zināšanas no 1-10, lūdzu.
7. Vai tev ir GM pieredze? Ja ir, tad cik daudz komandu Tu zini?
8. Kādas valodas Tu pārzini?
9. Kāds ir Tavs mērķis, ko Tu vēlies realizēt , ja saņemsi GM statusu?
10. Kāda ir Tava online stundu dienā proporcija? (cik stundas vidēji dienā Tu pavadi NoLimit.lv)
11. Cik Tev gadu?

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#4234 Low online.

Posted by Indelible1 on 08/04/2018 - 18:19:23

identify problems?..... or suggest, in most players humble opinions, ideas that could attract and keep new players coming back?


It could be argued that these are 2 different things that still are generally open to debate and at best just most players humble opinions (mine included)


There are also a couple different routes you could take to solve both issues or just one issue....obviously you have started with one such route and that is this broad based "spitballing session"...throw it (ideas) at the wall and see what sticks. Another possible idea to answer your own question would be to experience it much like was done on the American TV show Undercover Boss where the owner/CEO/boss disguised themselves, told no one who they were and got a job as a new employee with their company to experience from the bottom what it was like. Yes you obviously would know the game inside and out, unlike say a real new person to the game who is still learning a lot of the details but you get the idea. The frustration can be a factor if you don't know where things are or how they work...a lot of google searches.


What would this accomplish? Well remember you are not telling anyone who you really are....try joining a guild (for what purpose?) there appears to be no real reason to be in a guild aside from having a guildmaster who can PVP most of the other low end people who stand around a small ring in Lorenicia. There does not appear to be any reason once you level up a few times to do anything else. I try to be engaging, but not to the point of being annoying with my guild and still there has never been anything I/we have done as a group and further there appears to be nothing they can do aside from the obvious of partying to get more exp for the low end person.


Events do not require guilds or a feeling of team or group, in fact aside from button mashing to hopefully pick something up that has been dropped by someone (feel like one of the pigeons being thrown bread crumbs in the park)...or running around a map playing hide and seek. There are a few other lesser events that are also done. What I am saying is there is really no reasons for anything other than a solo player to do these.


The PVP/DUEL events are separate and have to be viewed as exactly that...this will always be payers against none payers and non payers cannot compete...therefore you will never engage them and worse you will eventually cause them to ask why they are bothering to level up or continue playing here because regardless of how long they play, regardless of how many resets etc, etc, they can never compete at the top end and if leveling up is not the reason to play this game...then what is?.... and because in my opinion there is no feeling of belonging, because I clearly see the top end people separating themselves from the the rest of the "nabs" (the new word) It used to be noob when I first tried global MU back in 2006 and Foresaken MU in 2008. "nub" was the word used later in Heroia MU and Unlimited MU) The separation I speak of makes top end payers/players almost disregard low end players...again no feeling of belonging...trying standing around a ring in Lorencia for a hour and wonder if you haven't wasted your time unless you like being a nab and throwing yourself under someones blade to die repeatedly. Wheres the fun in that. I also think that character imbalance is a small factor...but without more of a group balance then yes there will always be the BM's against all the other classes. If it stays the same, solo players without the need of a guild or group, then the character imbalance will always exist unless you overhaul the strengths given to the other classes. I haven't been here very long...I have raced around like a madman to level up get my resets and get maxed..now I race around to get my ML and I have really begun to wonder why? I have done this all on my own, have never been in a guild event or anything that made me feel like I was part of something...


just my humble opinion, respectfully submitted

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#2755 Anti Lag Patch

Posted by Shadow on 23/12/2017 - 19:08:36



If You experience some-kind of lag in-game - download this file and paste in mu online "data" folder!





This is more powerful Anti-Lag patch, but it ruins some things - like not showing BK wings etc....


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#1206 How Socket system works!

Posted by Draaaven on 12/08/2017 - 17:17:26

Hello , 
Here is a small guide about sockets you need to know.

Seeds are jewels that are created at the Seed Master NPC and Seed Researcher .
They are the core of the socket upgrade.
There are 6 types of seeds all with different options - Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning and Ice.

Sets & Shields:

Add Water, Wind, Earth Seeds


Add Fire, Ice and Lightning Seeds


 A Seed needs to be combined with a sphere in order to be added to an item. There are 5 types of spheres, The higher the rank of the sphere, the better the option you add to the item. A Seed combined with a Sphere produces a Seedsphere :

Creating and Upgrading
  Creating a seed
Components needed:
- 1 Excellent Item + 4 or more
- 1 Ancient Item + 4 or more
- 1 Jewel of Harmony
- 1 Jewel of Chaos
- 1 Jewel of Creation


Combining a Seedsphere Components needed:  

- 1 Seed (the one we created ion the previous step)

- 1 Empty sphere (higher type will produce better option)

- 1 Jewel of Harmony

- 1 Jewel of Chaos

- 1 Jewel of Creation


Mount SeedSphere Components needed: - 1 1,000,000 Zen

- 1Season 4 Set part/ Weapon

- 1 Seed Sphere

- 1 Jewel of Chaos

- 1 Jewel of Creation




I will add a guide about best sockets sets in game later.
Stay tuned boy's and girls.

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#9636 Banner event!

Posted by Saimnieks on 25/01/2019 - 13:18:58

Did something simple and fast to understand, hope you like it :)



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#9178 Raklion

Posted by NoLimitBM on 17/12/2018 - 06:24:00

I have added 4 new spots in Raklion map. If players will use them, will add more. 

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#8235 Mi litle art

Posted by Lorabella on 29/09/2018 - 22:41:17

i wi show my art like autum spot



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Posted by NoLimitBM on 28/08/2018 - 21:44:10

Our community keeps growing. Each day we have 20-40 new registrations. Soon there will be screen shots with 20..30..50 players on screen. Just keep voting for us, and we will do our best to give you great experience. :) :) :) 

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